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The George and Charlie Pledge

  1. Life and time are very precious, do not waste them! Your time is valuable and the talented Insurance Agents at recognize that. Please take the time to complete the online application accurately and honestly. This will ensure that we can meet your Home or Auto Insurance needs in a timely manner.

    2. Have fun and start saving money today! Your time isn’t the only            thing that’s important to us. We also want to save you money              upwards of hundreds of dollars each year, for you and                  your family. George and Charlie have experienced agents who            can find the best Home and Auto Insurance Provider for your            unique situation.

Because we want to ensure that you have the best coverage available at the best price, we take pride in helping you complete your application correctly. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact one of our talented Home and Auto Insurance agents for help!

We understand that choosing a Home or Auto Insurance Provider can be frustrating, time consuming and often does not produce the results you are looking for. We’ve taken the time to put together some helpful hints that will simplify the process for you.

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